Family Dentistry Columbia, MD

Dr. Sulekha Agrawal provides comprehensive family dentistry services to patients in her Columbia, MD office. She accepts patients of all ages for comprehensive and comfortable dental care.

At Columbia Family Dental Care, our friendly dental staff help ensures that all of your family’s dental needs are taken care of under one roof. Dr. Agrawal and her dental team have experience in treating patients with dental fear and anxiety. We aim to create a warm and relaxing office environment where patients of all ages can receive the general dental care they need.

Family Dentist in Columbia, Maryland

Children’s Dental Care

Dr. Agrawal provides dental care for children at Columbia Family Dental Care. Dentistry for children is very important because it establishes a solid foundation for long term oral health. With children, we focus on early detection of any oral health developmental issues and preventing cavities, a common problem with children. We suggest bringing your child in for routine visits every six months, just like adults. This is the best way to get them in the habit of visiting the dentist on a regular basis. By the time the reach adulthood, they will feel comfortable and confident about visiting a dentist office. There are several dental treatments that benefit younger patients:

Cavity Prevention: Besides encouraging your child to brush for 2 minutes twice a day, schedule biannual appointments in our Columbia, MD office. During these appointments, we provide preventative care and dental cleanings. One preventative treatment is dental sealants which help prevent tooth decay. Created from a thin coating made from bio-compatible plastic, sealants may be placed in a single visit.

Sports Mouthguard: A sports mouthguard protects your child’s teeth from injury and can lessen the impact of concussions. We can also create a mouthguard if your child has braces.

Invisalign for Teens: Teens can receive Invisalign clear aligners that straighten their crooked teeth over time. Compared to adult Invisalign, Invisalign for teens comes with blue compliance indicators on the back of each tray.  The aligners also have room if patients do not have their adult teeth yet. Invisalign for Teens are clear aligners that they will wear for a week then switch to the next set. Our teen patients love how discreet this treatment is because the aligners are clear.

Geriatric Dental Care

As we age, our dental needs change and therefore the care we require will change. Our dentist office is trained to help our senior patients with these unique needs. Geriatric patients are more prone to dental problems such as dry mouth, tooth wear, missing teeth, and gum disease. For problems like dry mouth or developing gum disease, we provide routine dental care and examinations to help determine the cause of your problem. Restorative dental solutions such as dental crowns or implant restorations address tooth wear or missing teeth.

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