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Dental bridges use existing teeth or implants to help “bridge the gap” where your tooth is missing. Bridges are a restorative dental solution that can replace anywhere from two to six missing teeth. Your dentist can provide a permanently fixed bridge or a temporary removable one.

At Columbia Family Dental Care, Dr. Sulekha Agrawal provides dental bridges to patients in Columbia, MD. She works with patients who have multiple missing teeth to determine if a dental bridge can improve their oral health. Before every treatment, she examines the teeth and gums and reviews the patient’s dental history. Dr. Agrawal takes each patient’s goals and budget into account so she can create a custom treatment plan that fits their oral health needs.

Dental Bridges in Columbia, Maryland

Types of Dental Bridges

There are many different types of dental bridges available. Based on your oral health needs and what your goals are, we can help you decide which one is best for you. In general, bridges can be removable or fixed. There are several differences between the two restorations. Removable bridges are a temporary solution for patients with missing teeth. Although the cost of removable bridges is less than a fixed dental bridge, they do not offer long term benefits. However, a fixed bridge is fixed in place and you will not be able to remove, only the dentist can. Your dentist constructs a fixed bridge from one or more prosthetic teeth that support dental crowns. There are several types of fixed bridges available:

Traditional: A traditional bridge is made up of crowns on both ends with the false teeth in middle. The crowns are cemented to abutment teeth or the two teeth adjacent to the gap.

Cantilever: A cantilever bridge is similar to a traditional bridge except it is only secured to one abutment tooth instead of two. The abutment tooth must be healthy enough to secure the bridge.

Maryland: A Maryland bridge is made up of a metal framework that is fused to a false tooth. The framework has metal wing that are then cemented to the back of the two adjacent teeth.

Implant Supported: Instead of the bridge being cemented to remaining teeth, it will be secured to dental implants for a longer lasting solution.

Benefits of Implant-Supported Dental Bridges

While removable bridges may seem more affordable at first, fixed bridges provide a better long-term solution. Removable bridges require more repairs or even replacement over time. Many patients with removable bridges cannot eat the foods they want and do not fully restore the function of their bite. Removable bridges are temporary while implant-supported bridges are a permanent solution.

Alternatively, fixed bridges with dental implants inserted into the jaw bone allow the patient to eat without dietary restriction. Implant fixed bridges restore full bite function to patients because the implants support the jawbone. Dental implant surgery is painless as we offer local anesthetic or sedation dentistry options for anxious patients.

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