Dental Technology and Your Dental Care Visit

Digital and laser technology can offer many benefits for dental patients from improved diagnostics to less invasive procedures. Dr. Agrawal has incorporated a range of technology into our Columbia dentist office to provide the best possible patient experience and predictable outcomes.

Digital Dentistry in Columbia

We use digital radiographs in our office. Digital x-rays minimize radiation exposure and provide immediate, high-resolution imagery. This allows our dental care team and Dr. Agrawal to thoroughly evaluate your dental health and make prompt and accurate recommendations to address concerns. Digital x-rays are considered safe and effective for patients of all ages.

We use digital technology to maintain your dental records and health history. This makes it easier to share necessary information with other providers when needed.

Tired of those messy impression trays? We can often use our digital scanner to take your dental impressions. Using a handheld scanning device, we can obtain digital images of your teeth and gums for use in treatment planning and even the design of some types of dental restorations. This type of scanner is also used when creating an Invisalign treatment plan.

Laser Dentistry

Dental lasers can be used for both soft and hard tissue and offer some key benefits for patients needing a range of treatments. Dr. Agrawal uses a soft tissue laser to treat various concerns related to gums, tongue ties, and lip ties. Gum recontouring can give you a smile that is more symmetrical. The benefits of laser dentistry include fewer side effects, accurate treatment, and improved recovery times due to the stimulation of the natural healing process. Laser dentistry can reduce your risk of infection and minimizes the impact of treatment on surrounding tissue.

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