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Do you or your child play contact sports? Contact sports come with a high chance of injury which includes blows to the face and mouth. It is required for players to have a mouthguard to play sports like lacrosse, football, or hockey. However, any sports that make contact between other players or objects make people prone to dental injuries. Most dentists will suggest that you wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth and gums from injuries if you participate in any type of contact which also includes tennis, basketball, soccer, and many more.

Dr. Sulekha Agrawal offers sports mouthguards to patients in Columbia, MD. As a general dental solution, sports mouthguards that are made by dental specialists are crafted to fit properly to protect the teeth and gums. These mouthguards may also be able to absorb shock and lessen the impact of concussions. Wearing a mouthguard is a preventative measure against dental trauma such as chipped, fractured, and knocked-out teeth.

Mouthguards in Columbia, Maryland

Receiving a Sports Mouthguard in Columbia, MD

You can receive a custom-made mouthguard after just two visits to Columbia Family Dental Care. To begin, Dr. Agrawal will take dental impressions of all of your teeth. Then, she will send these impressions to a dental laboratory where they will be fabricated. Once the mouthguard is complete, she will ensure that the mouthguard fits properly.

Remember to clean and rinse your mouthguard after each use to keep it clean. Ensuring your mouthguard is clean will keep it free from harmful bacteria. If your child is receiving a mouthguard, it may need to be replaced over time as their adult teeth come in.

Sports Mouthguard FAQs

Learn the answers to common questions that many patients have about sports mouthguards:

How do custom mouthguards compare to store-bought mouthguards?

Professional mouthguards are made specifically to fit your mouth. Because of this, they are less bulky than store-bought mouthguards and are more comfortable and reliable. Patients don’t need to clench their teeth to keep their mouthguard in place. You can also drink water when wearing your custom mouthguard.

Are custom mouthguards available for children and adults?

Columbia Family Dental Care can custom make a mouth piece for a child or adult. It does not matter what age the patient is. We will use dental impressions to get the exact size of the child’s mouth. However, it is important to replace the mouthguard as the child grows. They will eventually out grow it and will need to have a new one made.

Can I use a custom sports mouthguard to treat nightly teeth grinding?

Custom sports mouthguards are not meant to be worn at night. This type of mouthguard does not reposition your jaw when asleep and will likely fall out if you wear it at night. Oral appliances are made of different materials and are specifically meant to be worn to combat teeth clenching and grinding.

Get a Custom Mouthguard Before the Season Starts

We provide custom mouthguards to children and adults to help protect their beautiful smiles. When you invest a lot of time and money into your smile, it is important to protect it. To schedule a dentist appointment to have your new mouth piece made, call our office at 410.730.0011. You can also request an appointment online by filling out our online form.