Demystifying the Dental Crown Procedure

If you suffer structural or cosmetic damage to a tooth, your doctor might recommend a dental crown to restore your smile. This treatment has many uses, and these ceramic caps can shield an affected tooth from external stimulation.

While a dental crown can benefit you in many ways, you may be nervous about your upcoming procedure if you do not know details about the process. Dr. Sulekha Agrawal, a dentist in Columbia, MD, outlines what you can anticipate before, during, and after your dental crown procedure.

dental crown treatment in Columbia Maryland

How Can Dental Crowns Help Me?

Dental crowns feature many restorative benefits that can shield as well as enhance your smile. More specifically, a dental crown can help with the following dental concerns:

  • Repair chipped, cracked, or broken teeth
  • Whiten discolored teeth
  • Protect teeth after oral surgery
  • Treat advanced tooth decay
  • Replace weakened enamel

Your dentist can evaluate your teeth during an oral examination to determine if a dental crown is the best treatment for your vulnerable tooth.

What is the Dental Crown Procedure Like?

If you and your dentist decide a dental crown is the best option, you will first need the crown to be constructed based on 3D imaging of your smile. It will be built according to the unique shape, color, and size of your teeth for a natural look.

When the crown is ready, you will return to the dentist to have it fitted. Your dentist will provide you with a local anesthetic and then shave some enamel from your tooth to make room for the ceramic cap.

Then the dentist will place the crown over the affected tooth and secure it into place with dental bonding. You will be able to return to your normal activities directly following your procedure.

What Results Can I Expect?

Your dentist will recommend that you avoid eating for at least an hour after your procedure so that the crown can seal properly to your tooth. You should notice restorative benefits immediately.

With proper care, your dental crown can last for fifteen years. If your dental crown becomes loose or breaks, you should contact your dentist as soon as possible for emergency dental repairs.

Dental Crown Procedures Available in Columbia, MD

Columbia Family Dental Care offers dental crown procedures and other restorative dental treatments to patients in Columbia, MD. Dr. Agrawal also specializes in cosmetic and general dentistry for patients of all ages. To schedule an appointment with us, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 410.221.3097.