Why Prioritize Your Gum Health?

A study in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology suggests that individuals with gum disease could be more likely to suffer severe complications related to COVID-19 than those who do not have this periodontal infection. This is due to the link between inflamed gums and the body’s inflammatory response.

In light of the ongoing global pandemic, your gum health is more important than ever. You may practice good oral hygiene at home to protect your gum health, but you should still continue visiting your dentist for routine cleanings and exams, including periodontal screenings.

Advanced gum disease can wreak havoc on the structure and appearance of your smile as well as your overall wellbeing, so prompt diagnosis and treatment are crucial. Dr. Sulekha Agrawal, a dentist practicing in Columbia, MD, emphasizes the importance of taking care of your gums and seeking routine periodontal screenings.

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Do I Have Gum Disease?

Approximately half of American adults over the age of 30 have gum disease. This infection of the gum tissue may cause gums to bleed, swell, or feel sore.

These conditions may occur for acute reasons, including harsh teeth brushing, but you should talk to your dentist if these symptoms persist. Some individuals will experience no noticeable symptoms when they have periodontal disease.

This is why visiting your dentist for routine exams is so important to your oral health. Your dentist can check your gums for signs of this infection and provide treatment before the disease progresses and causes major dental damage.

How Will My Dentist Treat Periodontal Problems?

After diagnosing gum disease, your dentist will begin periodontal therapy to treat the issue right away. They will thoroughly clean your gums and your teeth, removing plaque and bacterial build-up from difficult-to-reach spots in your mouth, including deep in the gum pocket.

This extensive cleaning method is called scaling and root planing. If the infection remains after this treatment, your dental professional may use laser dental solutions to remove damaged gum tissue. More advanced cases of gum disease may require surgical treatment to restore the patients’ smiles.

Good oral hygiene can prevent gum disease, but some individuals may be more susceptible to this infection. If this is the case, your dentist may suggest that you add an antibacterial mouthwash to your routine.

Rinsing with this mouthwash can balance bacteria in your mouth and reduce your risk of oral infections, including periodontal disease. This will also alleviate uncomfortable symptoms like puffiness and soreness in your gums.

Get Prompt Periodontal Disease Treatment in Columbia, MD

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